• Choose the area that you want to slim.
  • Cleanse the targeted area with water.
  • Measure the area with a measuring tape and note the measurements (for greater precision use a pen or marker to show where you placed the measuring tape). For some areas, such as the arms, get another person to help you, to make this easier and more accurate.
  • Take a tablespoon (around 30/40gr) of USUELLE8® and apply it to the targeted area, massaging thoroughly for 2 minutes to activate the perspiration process.
  • Wrap plastic film (cellophane) 3 times around the area, leaving an overlap of 5 cm. This overlap will provide for sealing with adhesive tape, which should be placed, crosswise (skin/film) at each end. To ensure a watertight seal and effective action by the cream, wrap the adhesive tape round 2 to 3 times between the ends to encourage contact between the skin and USUELLE8®. For a maximum freedom of movement, do not over-tighten the adhesive tape.
  • You have now completed the application. Leave USUELLE8® to act for between 2 hours minimum and 12 hours maximum. You may now resume your daily activities during the time that the product remains on the skin, (sport, gardening, shopping, going for a walk, housework, etc...). USUELLE8® continue to work as long as it is under the film (for example: you may even leave it to work on all night).
  • When you want to remove USUELLE8® just cut the film with scissors ,being careful not to cut yourself (USUELLE8® will have formed a gel). USUELLE8® is 100% FOOD SAFE and contains NO CHEMICALS, so you can simply rinse it with clean water.
  • Measure the same area of your body again.
  • Continue measuring the next day, as your results will be gradual and vary from person to person.